Thursday, 22 August 2019
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ICTC 2019 or 2020 conference & exhibition hosting

Nominations are currently open.

To download the nomination form and selection criteria for hosting the ICTC Society conference & exhibition for 2020 or 2021 please click here. 

Benefits of Hosting an ICTC Conference & Exhibition

There are many reasons why cities and towns alike have chosen to host an ICTC Conference.

From having access to hundreds of the world’s leading specialists in town planning, development, urban renewal, place making and management through to hosting field trips to showcase local development and planning projects - the benefits are endless.

Why hold an ICTC Conference in your town or city?

Below is a summary of the major benefits. 

Economic Benefits 

Hosting 300 to 450 conference delegates plus their partners injects funds into your community of approximately $500,000.00 by way of:

  • Accommodation, food and beverage
  • Pre and post conference tours
  • Audio-visual services
  • Exhibition booth supply & construction
  • Taxis, rental cars etc

It also provides the opportunity of attracting new projects to your area through the attendance of planners, architects, project managers and developers as they may see the possibility for new projects of which they were previously unaware.

Educational & Networking Benefits

There are a number of professional development and networking opportunities for your council employees and councillors. Some of these include:

  • The opportunity to have a specific workshop session tailored to your project or area as part of the conference and encourage attendees to prepare in advance and provide input at the workshop.
  • The opportunity to shape the overarching conference theme and include specific topics to suit your council’s requirements on professional development.
  • The opportunity to invite specific speakers and interact with the world’s leading specialists in the planning, development and management of public spaces and infrastructure.
  • Shape the conference program with topics that compliment your own council’s future objectives.

Community & Tourism Benefits

The ICTC Society has a dedicated professional conference management team who manage the conference from inception through to completion (with no resources required from your council). This provides your council with a platform for future tourism through the opportunity to receive constructive feedback from conference attendees and the conference manager regarding local suppliers and venues.

This provides your council and local tourism bureau with the opportunity to improve on future services to attract new conferences to your community.

Marketing Benefits

The ICTC Society has a total of 8000 people worldwide on their database providing an excellent opportunity to promote your community.

The following is a skeleton marketing plan that includes the benefits available but not limited to the host city:

Direct Mail and Email Campaign (for host city)

Distribution of 8000 colour Call for Papers documents to ICTC members across Australia & New Zealand that will include:-

  • The name of your Community
  • Your Community, City or Town logo
  • A collage of photos of your Community

Distribution of 8000 colour A4 Registration Brochures to ICTC members across Australia & New Zealand that will include:-

  • Full A4 page advert
  • The name of your Community
  • Your Community, City or Town logo
  • A collage of photos of your Community
  • A personalised welcome message from your Mayor
  • Details of the proposed projects to be visited by delegates in your area (field trips are run on the last day of the conference)
  • Photos and details of a selection of accommodation venues in your community

Distribution of an A4 Conference Handbook to every delegate attending the conference which includes:-

  • The name of your Community
  • Your Community, City or Town logo
  • A collage of photos of your Community
  • A welcome message from your Mayor
  • Details of the proposed field trips  in your area which will be run on the last day of the conference (including local cafes & catering options to be visited for morning tea, lunch and/or afternoon tea)

A minimum of 8 personalised email shots to the 8000 members on the ICTC database are sent between February and October including details about the conference in your community.

Online campaign

  • Colour photos of your community and details of the conference on the ICTC website for 12 months before being retired to the “Past Conferences” section of the website where the details remain active for a further 5 years
  • An extensive array of web listings and hyperlinks with other industry associations around the world including the International Downtown Association (IDA) in the USA and the Institute of Place Management (IPM) in the UK.

History of ICTC Society Conferences

1995 Maryborough (Qld)
1996 Adelaide (SA)
1997 Albany (WA)
1999 Melbourne (Vic) 
2000 Hobart (Tas)
2002 Caloundra (Qld) 
2004 Fremantle (WA) 
2005 Yeppoon (Qld) 
2006 Newcastle (NSW)
2007 North Shore City, Auckland (NZ) 
2008 Sydney Olympic Park (NSW)
2009 Geelong (Vic)
2010 Coffs Harbour (NSW)
2011 Hobart (Tas)
2012 Gold Coast (Qld)
2013 Mandurah (WA)
2015 Wollongong (NSW)

2016 Launceston (TAS)
2017 Melbourne (VIC)
2018 Perth (WA)

2019 Townsville (QLD)

Attendances at ICTC conferences are usually in the range of 350-450 delegates

ICTC Society Member Profiles

  • Government including Federal, State and Local –  elected and non-elected
  • Academia
  • Architects
  • Consultants
  • Developers
  • Economic and Community Development Managers
  • Energy Managers
  • Engineers
  • Environmental Managers
  • Financiers
  • Health Industry Professionals
  • Landscape Architects
  • Legal Professionals
  • Place Managers
  • Planners
  • Project Managers
  • Property Consultants
  • Retail Managers
  • Town Centre Managers
  • Urban designers
  • Valuers
  • Water Resource Managers

 The Aims of the Society

 To enhance the quality of life of inhabitants of cities, towns & communities.

  • To assist cities, towns and communities to be as environmentally, socially & economically sustainable as possible.
  • To bring together the required visionary professionals to discuss the challenges of replacing sprawl with compact environmentally, socially and economically acceptable environments.
  • To facilitate world best practices in the planning, development and management of cities, towns and communities and particularly the planning, development and management of public spaces and infrastructure.




Blue Mile - Wollongong

Crown Street Mall - Wollongong

Night Shot - Wollongong